How To Build Nail Extension At Home Like A Pro With Nail Tips

Tip-X is the first nail tip system that does nail extension & REAL enhancement at the same time. It’s sculpted acrylic tip born with perfect apex and gorgeous c-curve like you’ve always wanted on your nails. But if you’re using builder gelhard gel, or traditional acrylic to build the apex and c-curve, it can take you up to 4-6 hours to finish. Not to mention the dizzy smell, annoying air bubbles, powder everywhere, and bad result which sucks the most. That’s why Tipex is the irreplaceable solution for you to get salon nail at home. Ditch flat and thin nail tip and farewell to time-consuming and effort-requiring acrylic building, this blog gives you tips to DIY nail extension at home in an hour. Keep rolling!

Interesting Facts

An apex is usually a dome-like concentration of product placed strategically at the stress point of a nail to prevent it from breaking. In addition to adding strength, the apex is also aesthetically pleasing for it creates an optical illusion of slimness since the heightened product is closer to the eye. On the other hand, a c-curve refers to the arched shape under the nail that gives strength and durability. With an ideal c-curve, we’re able to keep nails thin while maintain strength. That’s why we need to be experienced and professional in order to create the apex and c-curve at the right place with building products . But the born of Tip-X changes everything.


Prep is the essential process of all nail extension and nail building. A good prep make your nails last longer and less possible to pop off. When prepping your nails, you should be following the regular steps of cutting your nails short, pushing back cuticle, filing, buffing and cleaning the nail plate, and most importantly, for nail tip extension, you should etch the inside of the nail tip and thin out the edge before applying! This step can increase the bonding of the natural nail and the nail tip with the glue, so the nail tip won’t be popping off even you just carry some heavy stuff, take a shower or do some laundries.

Another critical detail to notice is that when you’re matching your nails with the tips, make sure the tip is not too big or too small, and covers both of the stress point. If the tip is too big, debris will get under your nails and break down the glue bond, and if the tip is too small, it can’t cover the stress point and smaller sizes are too arched for your nails so they’re more easy to pop off. If your size is in between, you can choose a bigger size and file the edge to make it fit. After finding the matching size, don’t forget to also file the base line of the nail tip to make it fit your cuticle line.


One important step concerning the Tipex system and many other nail tip extension systems is that you should always apply base coat prior to applying the glue. This is a also a trick to get long-lasting nails. Next, when applying the glue, squeeze a bead of the glue on the back of the nail tip. Don’t apply too much glue or it will touch your skin, take right amount of glue to reach out just right to the tip of your natural nail.

Careful for air bubbles! Our glue is extra thick to reduce flowing and fill seams, minimizing the possibility of the forming of air bubbles. Also, be aware that our glue make it possible for you to not holding the nail tip all the time before it’s cured(free your hands before curing, you can apply the nail tip and leave it alone before curing, the nail tip won’t pop off), so that you can cure your nails after you’ve applied all the nail tips on one hand, saving you 8 times of curing!


When it comes to applying the nail tip, gently press it down at a 45-degree angle to expel air bubbles if there were any. Then you’re free to apply the next nail! Make sure to apply the nail tip starting from the pinky to the thumb so that you won’t accidentally bump into the nail tips that have been applied.


One last thing that’s important is that their should be no air bubbles before you send the nails to cure. Air bubbles will really influence the lasting of the nails and may even lead to fungus infections. After that, you can enjoy your nails with the perfect apex and c-curve just as done by salon professionals!

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