2023 Nail Trends Makeover On Tipex Nail Tips

Through the holiday season, we’ve seen these viral nail art trends all over the social media and on celebrities’ nails. And in spring 2023, these trends don’t look like they’re going to stop. Guess we all need something sparkling and shiny to waken the season. Stepping into spring summer, there are some nail trends you wouldn’t wanna miss, and they look especially perfect on Tipex nail tip extension. Keep reading and you’ll definitely agree.

Aura Nails

This trend is so worth copying with a softly gradated effect, like a level-up version of blush nails. But it’s not just a level-up version, it’s called aura nails for a reason: the color on your nails become a manifestation of the colors of your own energy. Yet the best part of aura nails is that it’s for you to capture the essence of your aura and transform it into trendy nail art. We all know to some level that color is one of the best way to express your mood. You’ll be inspired by the color blend every time you look at your nails: it’s a new way to embrace the real you or become the one you want to be. The pro way to do aura nails require an airbrush tool. But the trend is beginner-welcome if you want to DIY. The easiest way is use blooming gel on a base color you choose and add a second color to bloom before curing. You can also repeat the same steps with more different colors in the center, cause the best style is to go with colors you wouldn’t expect to go together.

With the trend of using nail tip to do nail extension bigger than ever before(cause nail tips are so much better than any other kinds of nail extension, they’re easier, faster, and healthier), Tipex is actually the best nail tip to present the aura nail styles. With the prominent apex, your aura and energy seems like they’re going to pop out and radiate.

Reflective Glitter Nails

Who can say no to sparkly glitter nails? And it’s not just ordinary glitter, it’s reflective glitter, which means it’s extra shiny when it’s under flash light: it’s like throwing a party on your fingertips. You can find so many reflective glitter nail inspo on Instagram and Pinterest, but if you’re trying this for the first time, do it as a french tip will never go wrong. Every fashion is a classic style combining with a trendy twist, add some diamonds and gems to make it your bejeweled accessories.

With Tipex, you can effortless get the perfect nail shape and c-curve in an hour, even you’re a beginner doing nails at home. At least you won’t end up like the acrylic nails in the picture. Instagrammble nails have never been this easy to be achieved.

Velvet Nails

One other trend that shows no sign of stopping from the festive season is velvet nails, and we predict this trend will take off in 2023. Velvet nails are mesmerizing, it adds dimension and texture to originally flat nails to make your nail art look like 3-dimenstional, it brings nail art to life. Velvet nails have so many different designs. It’s actually a blanket term for all the nail art created with cat eye gel that looks like the texture of velvet. Because of the magnetic glitters in the gel polish are pulled by the magnet before curing, the luster of your nails gives a optical illusion of the finish of velvet. The velvet look is really trending on social media because it allows nail artist to design their own nail art of personal expression. To start with, you can choose different color, and also different nail shape. It’s totally chic.

Using Tipex to do velvet styles is totally a clever choice, since Tipex can make the optical illusion even more stand out, it literally looks like there is a whole velvet galaxy on your nails. If you’re attracted to this velvet nails, why don’t you start with Tipex? It’ll take your nails to the next level even with the same style of others.

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