Newest & Best Nail Tip Extension, For Both Beginners And Pros

If you’re a big fan of nail extension, you must be very familiar with the dizzy smell of acrylic, the whole afternoon sitting in the salon that makes you can’t feel your legs, the cracking down of nails, the brittle and miserable nail plates that kinda force you to take a break from it. Pretty horrifying, isn’t it? But who can say no to the click-clack of typing out a text, the irresistible urge to show off your nails in social media and real life? It’s an instant confidence booster, it has the perfect length, arc and shape, it’s literally a call of duty to nail addicts. When you see the finish of your nails, you feel like it’s all worth the pain. But actually you don’t have to compromise this way, cause Five Angeles has invented a way more advanced nail extension and enhancement system without all the cons of traditional acrylic and with all the pros but better.

It may sound too good to be true, but you will be obsessed the moment you put Tipex on. Tipex is pre-sculpted acrylic nail tip made of durable and transparent acrylic material. Each piece of Tipex is ideally born with prominent apex and gorgeous c-curve to get you both extension and enhancement in 1 minute. 

Unlike regular false nail tips which are thin and soft, Tip-X is much more thicker and tougher. With regular false nail tips, when you want some thickness and strength, you’ll need to add layers of building products on the nail tip to create the arc. But if you’re using Tipex, since it already has apex and c-curve which offer an unbreakable strength, all you need to do is glue it on, then you’re ready to add colors and designs.

The UV curing glue in the Tipex system is especially developed by the R&D team of Five Angeles to ease the whole nail tip extension experience. Because of its gummy-like consistency, it can fill in the seam between the Tipex and your natural nails to ensure long-lasting durability. It help Tipex to last 3 weeks without lifting, raised edges or chipping off. It's most significant speciality is that once applied, it can cling to the nail tip before curing, therefore enables you to cure all nails in a hand at the same time and also prevent the forming of air bubbles on the way to the curing lamp.

The application of Tipex is easy, doesn’t require the skill that could take years for a manicurist to practice. It’s also so much faster than building layers of acrylic spending 2 to 3 hours, therefore saving time and costs. We’re not talking about minutes faster, we’re talking about hours faster. And don’t you worry about the removal, Tipex can be soak-off removed. The removal does no harm to your natural nails, and Tipex has no irritating odor and no powder dust. If you really care about health, budget and efficiency, Tip-X is your best bet.

Who are Tipex for? If you’re really addicted to nail extension, but suffer from brittle nails from all the salon sessions, if you love doing nail tip extension by yourself, and would love to try nail enhancement as well, but can’t work with acrylic or other builder gel, if you’d like to change your nail design a lot but do care about health issue, if you just simply feel sick to sit for hours to get nails done, if you have thin and weak nails naturally, if you’re a beginner as a manicurist or simply want to increase building efficiency, Tipex is a must-try.

Tipex is no alternative option, once you have tried the best, the rest are not worth looking. No matter you’re a nail newbie or a pro, Tipex can always elevate your nail game and present the nail of your dream in the easiest and fastest way.

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